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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

And We Still Thank You

Even With Jeff's Retirement From Blogging, This Blog Is Still In The Deepest Of Gratitude To All Of The Following Blog/Web Site Owners That Are In Full Support Of What We Are Trying To Do Here Within This Small Blog And That Is To Show To The Internet World That Google Removes Blogs, For What They Say Are Spamming Blogs!!! And While Google Will Not Say What A Spamming Blog Is, How Does One Prevent To Be A Spamming Blog On A Google Blogger Platform With Out Knowing THIS???  Or Is This Just A REALLY Good Excuse to drive Blogs somewhere ELSE that they do not like!!! And while either We Nor You do not know the answer to this Question, We Are So, So Very Proud To Present To You the following in Two sections Of Our Blog!!!
Section #1, Are All Known Blogs/Web Sites With Either Our "Counter Of Shame" Installed on them or A Special Link to Our Blog within Their Blogs/Web Sites to help in Highlighting this Problem and are not already being Highlighted in Our Re-opened Section Of Our Blog!!!

Section #2, Are All Known Blogs/Web Sites That Our Listing Our Blog Link Within Their Blog Rolls to help in Highlighting This Problem and are not already being Highlighted in Our Re-opened Section Of Our Blog!!!

A Note Here: Please be advised that while there are many, many more Blogs that have installed Our "Counter Of Shame" and have listed Our Blog Link within their Blog Rolls for Us that are NOT listed here, However, they are all listed in Our 1st Section in Our "All Re-Opened Blogs" and not being re-listed here.

It's as simple as 1,2,3
(And Much Easier Than Trying To Send An E-mail or Posting A Comment Trying For A Link Ex-change Here!!!, Which We Do Not Honer Till You Have Done One Of The Following!!!)
  1. Either Adding Our Blog to Your Blog List using Our Blog Name:  Google Blogger Closes Gay Blogs and the address is: http://googlebloggerclosesgayblogs.blogspot.com/ to Your Blog Role for Us and then We Will Add Your Blog/Web Site To Our 2nd Section of Blogs/Web Sites that Are Supporting Us Here.  And at any time in the future that You would like to be Up-Graded to Level #1 then..
  2. Or If you prefer to have a top priority listing with Us in Our 1st Section, then either add Our Colorful "COUNTER OF SHAME" by clicking (Here) and then following the instructions, if you have any problems or questions with this, just let us know, We will be glad to help You install it.  Or By Adding A Special Link To Us by using any of the Photos On Our Blog and Make it a click-able Photo to Our Bog with some kind of a description of what We Are All About, this while also get Your Blog/Web Site a top priority listing here with Us.
  3. Then Simply Notify Us by sending an e-mail to bloggerclosegayblogs@gmail.com and including Your Blog(s) Name(s) and address(s).  We will then verify Your addition(s), and then We will list Your Blog/Web Site in the proper level of support Here In Our Supporter Section. TA DA!!! Your done!!!
Also be advised that We will also be High Lighting Your Blog/Web Site as a New Supporter Of Ours On Our Main Blog the following Wednesday after adding Your Blog/Web Site to Our Supporter Section Here as being added as a New Supporter with the hopes that this brings even more new Blog Traffic Your Way!!!!  ((( Big Blogger Smile)))  With Love And Hugs...And with all this said, Here Is Our Current List Of SUPPORTERS that have done one/if not both of the above.......Thanks Blogger Buddies!!!

Please Be Advised That All Blogs In Section #1 and Section #2 Are Now Being Displayed In Most Recently Updated Order First!!!  So When You See Some Older Blogs In The 1st Section, Please Continue To Scroll Down To The 2nd Section To See The Most Recent Blogs There...OK? Ok....

1ST!!! All Known Blogs With "The Counter Of Shame" Or Special Link To Us!

**** Section #2 ****

2nd!!! All Know Blogs Listing Us In Their Blog Roll

A Note Here To All Blog Owners In Our Second Section: If You Would Like Your Blog To Have A Top Priority Listing In Our First Section Of Our Blog, With Complete Thumbnail Photos Of Your Last Posting, Along With Your Blog Title And How Long It's Been Since Your Last Post, Well all you have to do is install Our "Counter Of Shame" on Your Blog/Web Site!!! You can get the code by clicking (Here). Once You Have Done So, Then Just Send An E-Mail To bloggerclosegayblogs@gmail.com and advise Us That You Have Done So, And We Will Make The Switch For Your Blog/Web Site From Section #2, Blogs Listing Us In There Blog Roles To Section #1, Blog That Have Installed Our "Counter Of Shame" Or With A Special Link To Us!!! Looking Forward To Up-grading Your Listing With Us Not Only For You, But For Our 2,000+ A Day Visitors....Your Blogger Buddies...(Jeff & Brent)